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 Imperial Navy

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E-1 Junior Crewman: Junior Enlistedman
E-2 Crewman: Junior Enlistedman
E-3 Lead Crewman: Junior Enlistedman trusted with leading small teams of other enlistedman without NCO supervision.
E-4 Petty Officer: The lowest class of non-commissioned officer.
E-5 Chief Petty Officer: The leading NCO for an operations branch aboard a ship of the line.
E-6 Master Chief Petty Officer: The leading NCO for a ship of the line.

W-1 Warrant Officer: A technical officer
W-2 Chief Warrant Officer: A leading technical officer for an operations branch aboard a ship of the line.
W-3 Master Chief Warrant Officer: The leading technical officer for a ship of the line.

O-1 Midshipman: A Cadet-Officer in a junior position to a Lieutenant learning the art of command.
O-2 Sub-Lieutenant: Junior Officer
O-3 Lieutenant: Junior officer
O-4 Lieutenant Commander: Commands an operations branch aboard a ship of the line.
O-5 Commander: Executive Officer of an Imperial Star Destroyer
O-6 Captain: Commander of an Imperial Star Destroyer
O-7 Line Captain: Commander of a Line (On Average 3) of Imperial Star Destroyers
O-8 Commodore: Commands a Squadron, 2 or more Lines.
O-9 Rear Admiral: Commands a minor Fleet, between 2-3 Squadrons
O-10 Vice Admiral: Commands a fleet, between 4-5 Squadrons
O-11 Admiral: Commands the Sector Force of a given sector, whose sum total is often several fleets of ships.
O-12 Grand Admiral: De Facto commander of the Navy, second only to the De jure but unpracticed command of the Imperial Executor.
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Imperial Navy
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