A Galaxy Divided is a Starbound server dedicated to providing a roleplaying experience for all Star Wars fanatics! Fight for the Empire or Join the Republic!
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PostSubject: To Visitors   Sun Feb 01, 2015 9:53 am

Obviously, you have come across a desolate forum which is populated by a single active individual.

If your coming across a starbound server site has been in error, best of luck to you.

If not, and you somehow got here on purpose, welcome! Feel free to join in as I slowly cobble together the needed scraps to start hosting even a small cantina style setting to start off the server in. Honestly, the going is slow until Starbound stabilizes itself (especially until its Director Mode comes into play as promised, because lets face it, a DM on an RP server making the background flow is kiiinda a big deal.)

But, until that happens, welcome again, make yourself cozy, suggest mods or things you'd like to see in the server and try not to explode into pixels.
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