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 New Republic Army

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PostSubject: New Republic Army   Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:14 pm


E-1 Private: Junior Enlistedman
E-2 Private First Class: Junior Enlistedman
E-3 Corporal: The lowest ranking NCO in command of a squad.
E-4 Sergeant: The primary NCO for a platoon.
E-5 First Sergeant: The primary NCO for a company.
E-6 Sergeant Major: The primary NCO for units larger than a company.

W-1 Warrant Officer: A technical officer.
W-2 Chief Warrant Officer: A leading technical officer at all levels below a sector.
W-3 Master Chief Warrant Officer: The technical officer in command of warrant officers at a sector level.

O-1 Sub-Lieutenant: An officer in a junior position to a full Lieutenant learning the art of command.
O-2 Lieutenant: Junior Officer in command of a platoon or the Executive Officer of a Company.
O-3 Captain: Company Commander.
O-4 Major: Executive Officer of a Battalion or Regiment.
O-5 Lieutenant Colonel: Battalion Commander.
O-6 Colonel: Commanding Officer of a Regiment or  Executive Officer of a Brigade.
O-7 Brigadier: Commander of a Brigade.
O-8 Major General: Commander of a Planetary Army
O-9 Lieutenant General: Commander of a Sub-Sector Army
O-10 General: Commands the Sector Force Army, or holds the position of General of the Army, who is the commanding officer of the army behind the Secretary of the Army.
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New Republic Army
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